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Performance-based Cannabis Consulting

Renaissance Consulting® combines years of proven industry experience with unparalleled business acumen and is a pioneer in the cannabis space. We use innovative solutions to serve clients in 14 states, Canada & Puerto Rico. Businesses rely on our experienced-based consulting to have the edge required to spearhead growth and success in the fast-paced, constantly evolving cannabis industry. We offer custom solutions for companies seeking cultivation, manufacturing, extraction, distribution, & retail support. Reach out to us to discuss how to start your new company or to simply take your existing cannabis business into the mainstream via our results-driven, streamlined, profit increasing processes.

Open a Dispensary

We can assist you with acquiring an existing dispensary or starting your own from the ground up.  We’re also happy to discuss with you what it takes to build a brand with a chain of stores in your state poised for the expansion of your footprint across the country.

Apply for A Cannabis License to Operate

This is one of the crucial first steps in starting any cannabis business. Renaissance Consulting offers turn-key, experienced based technical writing that simplifies the somewhat complex process of applying for and winning your license to operate.

About Renaissance Consulting

Renaissance Consulting® is focused on the growth and development of a professional cannabis industry. We believe with the right teams being formed, the cannabis industry will continue to improve lives by offering short term jobs,

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