What are 2 Questions To Ask BEFORE choosing a Cannabis Consultant?

Questions to ask before choosing a cannabis consultant
Are you in a hunt for a trustworthy and knowledgeable cannabis consultant? Found a consultant but don’t know where to start? Renaissance Consulting provides you with the best in the business cannabis consulting in all of Colorado! All the tools and guides you need to start your own cannabis company. Renaissance does the heavy lifting so you can relax and focus on the future of your business. Below are two questions to ask BEFORE choosing a cannabis consultant.

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Here are two questions to ask BEFORE choosing a Cannabis Consultant:

1) Are they operators?
Is the application they are writing for you based on their operational success or are they drawing on a theory they’ve read about or outdated methodology that might have worked in the early stages of the industry but don’t match up with the competitive reality of today’s cannabis industry? We are, and we will be sharing with you daily what’s working for us in dispensaries & cultivation centers as you’re learning to have success in your own.
2) Do they have anything to lose if you don’t win the license?
We do. We want to work with you down the road, and we want to win as much as you do. Our focus on you winning will be undeniable. Writing the license is just the beginning. Our business model isn’t built on making money selling application work. Our in-house, cannabis specific attorneys write it for you, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg for what needs to be done to ensure your success.

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