The combination of the time everyone spent walking me through the growing centers and dispensaries made it clear to me that the Renaissance team is significantly more attentive to the construction with the quality that we expect. I was impressed with the speed of project communication and how they worked with us to get us the equipment we need but also with a focus on keeping the costs down. We wouldn’t have gotten off the ground with all of their help. They delivered.”

Paul S. Owner in Michigan

I feel like I’ve known Sean and his team forever. We’re a really busy group, and Renaissance gives us an easy way to plan and keep everyone on the same page to meet our bottom line. He gives us more extras that I can list here.”

Sarah C, Director in Pennsylvania

This business plan is above and beyond what we expected you to do. We thought it would be thorough, but this is something we can actually get our investors to move on. Thanks.

Chase R Owner, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Renaissance creates a compliance dialogue between our managers and the customer experience specialists we didn’t have before.”

Alex Q. Manager in Northern California


“We talked to them all. When we found Sean, we felt comfortable from the first phone call and it was easier for us from that point forward. The price was better than anything out there.”

Greg G, Owner , Reno Nevada

The biggest benefit is I’ve been able to integrate my value for family time with my business. The last 5 months I’ve been running my business with time to breathe because I have you guys auditing for me. Taking this step was a big risk, but it’s paid off. ”

David M, Multiple Dispensary Owner, Southern California

Our revenue just went through the roof because we are now averaging 3 lbs per light instead of 2. The lights work. The HVAC adjustments were a worthwhile expense. I’m happy.

Alex Q, Manager/Master Grower, California