Although we offer customized solutions that allow each individual client to minimize their upfront investment before sharing in this incredibly profitable industry, we find it’s helpful to most to describe our services in 5 sections:

Start-up success: This is the exploratory phase where you may need help understanding the income potential of your opportunity, a business plan completed, an entity formed, partnership advice with a revenue share model that works for all parties, connecting you with investors looking to buy into new or existing businesses, and/or assistance with raising capital. This is also the phase were we can discuss your marketing and branding strategy which could lead to us creating a new brand for you, tweaking your existing one, or filling in the gaps needed for graphic design, creating a website, and bringing your idea for a cannabis business to life.

Turn-key Application Support: This is the first step once you’ve decided to dive in and start your cannabis company. Every cannabis business needs a license to operate and if you don’t acquire an existing license along with an existing cannabis company, you must file for a new license. Very few in the industry can show proof of achieving our level of success at writing licenses for companies in 14 states and Puerto Rico. Ask us about our performance-based application writing process. Negotiation and securing of real estate is a crucial step in this phase as well. We have trained an outstanding team of cannabis specific real estate professionals that can assist you or we can provide guidance and support to your preferred realtor.

Design and Build Services: This phase starts after you’ve been awarded your license to operate. It includes everything related to the construction process from layout and design of the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and retail facilities all the way through budgeting, planning, equipment selection, on location site reviews, preparation of construction timelines, getting the approvals needed, management of contractors, and seeing the project through from beginning to end as part of the preparation to operate your cannabis business. It’s crucial to hire a firm that has done what you’re trying to accomplish. Experienced based, intelligent planning and design is crucial to be competitive in this industry. Leveraging our experience saves our clients headaches and money in the long run. We’ve made every mistake in the book over the years doing this so you don’t have to.

Getting you opened: After the construction process, speed to market allows you to hit the ground running while some of your competition might be fumbling along trying to figure it all out. This phase consists of negotiation of contracts to purchase, distribute, test, deliver, or sale cannabis depending on what area of the industry you’ve chosen. This phase can be as simple as creating SOP’s for you or training your staff. In the case of cultivation, it could be just working with you to show you the tricks of the trade & setting up and management of a successful operation through your first harvest or two. For retail, it could mean hiring and training your staff and the creation of standard operating procedures related to customer service &education, providing a market study of what products to sell, training your staff on how to sell these products, as well as safety, security, and compliance training. We excel at matching your local demographic with the appropriate look, feel, and experience in your dispensary that will set you up for long term success. This phase can often include setting up your point of sale system, integrating with your state issued software, and negotiation of contracts with all relevant vendors including your on-site security firm. It’s during this phase that a true understanding of all that is needed to successfully own and operate a cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, or retail facility truly comes to life.

Long-Term Operational Support: By now, you have a clear understanding of what you enjoy doing, what is a challenge for you, what you can afford to do, and what you’d rather contract out to a seasoned cannabis firm to assist you with. We sit down with you and talk about a custom solution for exactly what you need and leave out all of the services you don’t. This is the most unique phase because it depends on what you need. For those who want to be absentee owners or want to focus on the outside efforts of growing their brand through acquisition or expanding their footprint into emerging markets, we might handle everything for them. Others might want us to perform compliance audits and various forms of checks and balances of employees and vendors. On the cultivation side, it’s common for us to be invited to problem solve everything from fertigation changes, removal of unwanted pests and diseases, advice on capital expenditures to improve the grow facility all the way through hiring us to replace their existing staff in order to have the facility reach its maximum potential. This is where our industry leading, performance based model benefits our clients the most.

Have questions about any of these phases? Reach out to us for a free, 30 minute consultation.